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Exercising Your Hypoallergenic Australian Labradoodle

ustralian Australian Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

Physical activity is an important component of caring for your Australian Labradoodle. Here are some things you need to know about exercising this breed of dog: Australian Labradoodles require daily exercise. Practicing what you and your puppy have learned in puppy classes daily helps with bonding and offers opportunities for your puppy to grow mentally… Read more »

Why You Should Get a Hypoallergenic Dog

Hypoallergenic Dogs, Iowa City

*There is really no such thing as “hypoallergenic,” so when we refer to Hypoallergenic in this blog post, we are referring to a non-shedding, allergy friendly coated dog!*   Are you an allergy sufferer who loves dogs? While you may have previously thought that you couldn’t have a furry companion due to your allergies, this… Read more »