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Heartland Cares About Their Puppies Homes

We have not had a dog in 40 years so we wanted someone we could work with closely. With our allergies we needed a nonalergenic dog so we searched and talked with many breeders in the Chicago area. So far our puppy has not caused us problems although we know that’s not a guarantee with any dog. We decided on Heartland for many reasons and we are glad we did. We knew what questions to ask and other breeders just did not answer them like Heartland. Jan really cares about her puppies and the homes they go to. We had tremendous amounts of information provided to us even before we decided to use Heartland. After we took Cooper home, Jan has continued to be a great resource when needed.

Rich Mittman

We bought Ginny 2.5 years

We bought Ginny 2.5 years ago. She brings joy and coziness to our family every day. She is a happy and sweet dog. She is great with kids and other dogs. she is also beautiful and athletic. Love her.

MK Hayek

Best Dog EVER

We have Bella Mia, an almost 8 yr. old, black, 45 lb. wonder dog. We have had her for 2 yrs. now, and have loved every minute. She is bright, the best mannered dog we have ever seen, loving, obedient, and well trained, thanks to the 5 yrs. she spent with Jan & Steve. She has a wonderful disposition, unlike any dog we have ever seen or owned. And, we have had numerous dogs for over 60 years. Bella is almost human. She never barks, has never jumped up on a person, is extremely friendly to every adult and child, and to all other dogs. She loves everyone, and everyone loves her. She has never had an accident inside, and she is very healthy. She is the best known dog in the neighborhood, bar none, because she introduces herself to everyone she meets. God smiled on us when we received her, and all of the thanks go to Steve and Nancy and their tireless efforts to insure that all of their dogs have a truly special temperament. You owe it to yourself to at least visit Jan & Steve and meet some of their pups. You will NOT regret it, we promise.

I wanted to show you some pics of Bella, but could not upload them. They would convince you of the special nature of these dogs. In fact, Bella is the most photographed member of our family by a ratio of about 110 to 1.

Bruce & Melanie Haupert

Heartland Labradoodles do a

Heartland Labradoodles do a an excellent job raising their puppies. It was clear from getting to know them when we visited on several occasions that they love their dogs. We have had Tillie for just over a year now and she has been nothing but a joy. She is very intelligent and wants to please. She loves people and other dogs. She loves to play and knows the names of her different toys. She still waits at the kitchen door until given permission to eat, something she was taught as a puppy before we got her.


Dublin the Wonderdog!

I simply can’t say enough about the best dog in the world. If I only had one regret it is that I didn’t put Dublin in therapy school bc his natural temperament and ideal size would have made him the most wonderful therapy dog. Guess we just get to keep him for ourselves. But seriously, if there ever was a good dog, Dublin is it. He’s also been tremendously healthy, he’s calm and loyal and he’s got a hilarious dry sense of humor. He still acts like a puppy at 8 yrs. We are forever grateful for our handsome and loving boy.

Kathleen Underriner Harrigan